About ABC

Welcome to the Avon Business Club.

We are a small independent business club and the members can expect to boost their business

  • Increase their business via direct and indirect referrals
  • Tap into the expertise of other members of the group
  • Establish strategic alliances within the group

This is all achieved in a friendly and relaxed environment. We do not set referral targets as we understand that certain businesses will find it more difficult to make referrals than others. Quality of referral is more important than quantity.

The Club exists not to make a profit out of its business, but to help its members make a profit out of theirs. This club is run by the members for the members.

We meet fortnightly at the Cowshed in Clifton. If you are interested in coming along to our next meeting then please contact us via email at info@avonbusinessclub.co.uk

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